You are my Hero!

***WARNING: For those with a weak stomach, do not procede.***

Saturday March 27th, 2011


I’m not sure how you managed some days but I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for every time you had to take a sick day because I was sick or choked back the heaves cleaning up after me.  Lastnight John threw up 4 times and once again so far this morning.  (I write to you because the first incident lastnight drew me right back to my childhood when I threw up in my sleep ALL over my bed and stuffed Feivel from An American Tale.)  It was EVERYWHERE.  I’m not sure how he did it.  I, lucky and undeserving woman that I am, had an amazing husband who took care of the mess in his room that first really bad one while I dealt with the hysterical and barf-covered child.  Without going too grody on you here, suffice it to say… THANK you.  For all the care and attention you poured out on me, thank you.  For sleepless nights and wasted sick days, thank you.  For placing my needs over your own, thank you.  For being so willing to get your hands dirty, because that is what caring for others is all about, thank you.

When I think about what a mother is, I think of loving, selfless, gentle, graceful, listening, intuitive, and a really hard worker.  This is because that is how I always saw you.  I think it was so easy for me to believe that God could have an unconditional love for me because I had already seen your example so I knew it was possible.  It’s amazing what showing true love can do for a persons identity and self image, isn’t it?  That’s exactly what I strive to do for my own kids by following your example of love… and cleaning up a vomit-covered kid all night long.  Thank you always, you are my hero!

Off to do loads of really gross laundry,

The Epistolarian