The one where I discover that Formicidae love avocado.


Oh my gosh it’s Tuesday May 10th, 2011 already

Dearest Sister of my Heart,

I came down the stairs with my baby girl in arms this morning (hungry and ready for a bottle) to discover I never cleaned up her dinner scraps on the high chair from last night.  Normally, that’s not a problem and I would take care of it in the morning by merely removing the lift-out tray of smeared food and washing it up while she reclines in her chair enjoying a lactose-laden beverage.  THIS morning, however, the whole situation was a little different.  You see, the rainy season has officially started early this year and not only taken us a little by surprise (a pleasant surprise after 6 days without running water due to a shortage) but also, apparently, taken the local ants a little by surprise.  Due to their homes being flooded and stored up food supply being washed away, they have decided to move in with us.

So as I approached her seat to get her all clipped in and ready for a bottle, I noticed it seemed to be moving.  Eeeeeewwwww!  Ants!!  She had eaten avocado last night and I, in true form, neglected or did not think to clean-up the smeary, attractive, ant-bait-covered tray before we all went to bed.  So the first half hour of my day was spent battling the massive invasion of Formicidae in the dining room and living room as well as hosing down the high chair and washing the cover.

I guess sometimes life just lands you in a big ‘ol mess that you really weren’t expecting and everything gets put on hold because there is no WAY the mess can wait…  So, here is where I reflect upon the situation and pull out some morsel of wisdom learned through my suffering…

Umm… I got nothin’.  It was just sort of a sucky morning.  The ants are just doing their best to keep their heads above water (literally) same as me while the place they live gets inundated by the storms of everyday life (again, literally for them).  Plus, if we’re gonna be honest, we should face facts…  many of those messes I “unexpectedly” land in are usually my own fault in the first place.  So in the end, I suppose I can’t be too mad at the ants… although I was pretty steamed at them this morning!  I suppose I’m glad for the ability to see a situation from another’s point of view… it really keeps my blood pressure down.

*contented smile*

So, what are your daily storms like right now?

All my love,

The Epistolarian


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