Wednesday June 29th, 2011

Dearest Sister of my Heart,

Goodmorning.  I have a few stray moments as everything is at peace with which to share with you a moment of myself this morning and I’d like to tell you a little secret.  I love my mornings.  I do.  It does not seem possible since my little alarm clocks usually go off anytime in the vicinity of 4:15 and 5:45am.  Today I got to sleep in, the Little Dude didn’t get up until 5:45!  I was so excited.  But, honestly, I wouldn’t trade my mornings for anything.  I like the quiet peace of the pre-dawn, watching the sun come up, greeting the birds, making a hot cup of coffee and starting the day with my first Love, my Jesus.  

I was NEVER a morning person until I had a baby (and not even then right away) but I did always like the peace of the morning.  I hold that in my memory as one of my favorite things about canoe trips, waking up early and (in spite of the mosquitos) leaving the sanctuary of my tent to see what God had for me out in the quiet peace of the breezy morning. 

I hold a high value on peace and silence.  Even if the TV is on or there are other sounds happening around me, if my spirit is at relative peace and things are more or less still, there is a silence in my soul that I don’t find at any other time.  That never used to be true for me (I needed the literal silence and stillness to find peace) but God’s grace abounds in my life and that is just more evidence of it.  Adaption.

My grateful heart sighs this morning.

I love you.

The Epistolarian