Nine Years Ago Today…


Wednesday June 1st, 2011

My Dear Lover,

Nine years ago, today… I woke up my heart all a-flutter.  “Today’s the day!”  I spent some time just sitting with God, grateful.  I had breakfast but wasn’t hungry.  I got myself together and Mom and I headed out for the church where I would make the second biggest commitment of my life (the first being to Jesus when I was nine).

Nine years ago, today… I knew that I was getting a great guy who loved Jesus.  I knew I loved him, and that we would be able to walk through rough paths.  I knew we could grow and learn together and compromise.  We’d been learning about each other for seven years already, so I think we had a good idea of what we were walking into… generally speaking.  You had seen my ugliness, I had seen yours.  We’d had some fun and some fights.  We knew each other’s friends and family and appreciated them.  We had a pretty good day plannned.

But nine years ago, today… what I didn’t realize is how much I would come to depend upon, long for and take for granted this new One that we have become.  Not a day goes by that I do not consider my words, my attitude, or my choices in light of you, not wanting to hurt the person I love most here on Earth.  I am a crazy, flaky, absentminded person and there are days that I wonder why on earth you ever even considered marrying me b/c I must drive organized-logical-intentional you absolutely crazy on a regular basis.  But, loving you has shown me the good and the bad about who I am and I love the sharper, more Christ-like person I become every day having you as my whetstone.

Nine years ago, today… I had no idea how much you would do for our family.  You take care of us and love us through all your actions and all your work.  Jesus holds the throne in our family because you are mindful of living that way and leading that way.  I try to tell you on a regular basis how much I appreciate everything you do and I don’t think I could say it enough.

Nine years ago, today… I was totally unaware of how well God would knit our two selves together.  You fill in my deficiencies in our life together and we temper one another in a way that honors God.  He knew what he was doing when he led you to turn in my chemistry paper that day.  He pointed at you and said, “this one” and I sat up and paid attention… best move I ever made.

I love you.  Happy Anniversary!

Your Girl,



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    • Susan, thank you! I am not the LEAST offended that you didn’t hobble over here, in fact, I’m a little convicted about not coming your way today to see if you needed anything. I look up to you and am humbled by your Christ-like attitude toward what comes your way.

  1. It’s not easy to read through tears. I’m very happy for you two. How lucky am I to have you so loved and cared for? You, the love of my life. Many years of blessings to you.

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