It’s all about who you know…


Wednesday June 8th, 2011

Has anybody ever asked you this question?

“Do you know the Lord?”  Ugh!  It’s such a christianeese phrase meant to inquire after the state of your soul with regard to salvation.  It’s one of those phrases that make me cringe almost every time I hear it because it has become a buzz phrase that is dumbed down to refer merely to a moment of accepting Christ into your heart.  Now don’t get me wrong… Christ living in you is the key and the intention of the question is usually honest and good, but sometimes it turns something deep, abiding, and earth shattering into a litmus test for who’s in the club.

I have a feeling that a lot of people who would answer yes to that question would not answer yes to mine… “Do you know Jesus?… No, I mean, do you REALLY know Jesus?  Like the way you know your best friend, or sister, or husband or wife, or daughter or son…  Do you know his habits?  What he looked like (generally speaking)?  How he spent his time every saturday?  What he would say without hesitating if asked what his work is?  What his teenage years were like?  How he feels about women (even *gasp* women in ministry!) and who supported his ministry while he was traveling and teaching his leaders and healing?  Do you REALLY know Jesus?”  

‘Cause here’s the thing, once we MEET Him we’re meant to become JUST LIKE Him above all others in our life from whom we pick up habits.  We only pick up the habits and characteristics (particularly the ones that aren’t as much fun to adopt – like turning the other cheek or loving your enemy or forgiving above all) of those with whom we spend the most time in our lives.  With whom do you spend the most time every day? … and what constitutes quality time?

I will admit it, I probably spend the most time with my kids, “taking care of”, “loving on”, and “dealing with” my kids.  Now, that is a noble pursuit… to invest your lives in your kids and raise disciples of Jesus… but how can I be raising disciples of Jesus if I am not spending the grand majority of my time with Him each day?!  How can I teach something that I don’t know well enough to do everyday?  I have better days or even seasons than others but I am convicted this morning that spending my entire day with Jesus (and this is not mutually exclusive of spending time with my kids or others) is the ONLY way to go about truly discipling my children!  How will my kids learn to spend their days with Him unless they see their roll models and leaders doing it (and are drawn into His presence along with us)!  My time spent in the Bible each morning is key for me, it ushers in my day under the right banner, but that needs to be merely a salutation opening my day for Jesus to make it what He will… and that only happens if I listen attentively the rest of the day.  Maybe I will listen a little better today than I did yesterday… and the same for the day after…

So, who do you know best, who do you spend most of your time with?  ‘Cause it’s all about who you know… who you REALLY KNOW.

A little convicted,

The Epistolarian


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  1. This is so wonderfully said. Thank you. It’s a conviction I come to every once in awhile, sometimes on my own, sometimes (like today) with help from someone else that God has (graciously) placed in my day. Awesome reminder of the most important part of my life, here and for eternity!

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