The Stuff that Endures…


Monday June 20th, 2011

Dearest Sister of my Heart,

Well, life has slipped away far too quickly these last few weeks!  We had our anniversary, then my birthday, then our anniversary of moving to Costa Rica, then my mom arrived, then my baby girl’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, then a trip to the beach, then my mom left and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of Father’s Day outside playtime and now all of a sudden it’s the end of June and I’m not sure where it all went.

There are days when I actually stop and open up my soul to what my son calls “all this joy we have” and it very nearly overpowers me.  These flashes come in brief moments of clarity as my family glories in the light of a waning afternoon.  My daughter toddles after Daddy begging to be lifted to the skies, while the little wood nymph is clinging to the bark of a front yard tree, the neighbor boys yelling and tackling one another… all of us laughing and talking.  Yup.  The moments when God just breathes in our midst and we’ve let down our guard just enough in the green of a living evening that we feel it on the back of our neck.    

My life is counted by those moments of unexpected divine encounters.  They most often happen in the presence of my family.  My dear husband who is such a great dad gets bombarded every time he walks through the door with cries of delight and running hugs. My son squeals with delighted giggles (which cracks me up) as I tickle him.  My daughter learns a new sign and uses it spontaneously for the first time.  These all give me pause and make me sigh.  Family MUST be sacred.

How are you these days?  I am sure life is keeping you busy and entertained as well.  That seems to be the way.  I heard that there may be a family canoe trip in the works for next summer and I am trying desperately not to get my hopes up too incredibly high… it has been SO long.  Will you guys be trying to go? 

So in other news, my baby is ONE YEAR OLD.  I really cannot believe it.  It seems as though she was just a little bundle of sleeping cuteness… now she’s a little bundle of toddling energy.  She definitely is a happy child (except when she’s sick or either Daddy or I leave the room or even walk toward the door… but that’s just the age.  She looks for joy.  Like she’s just waiting for it to come her way every moment.  And she most often finds it when her brother smiles at her.  She absolutely adores him (except when he’s taking something out of her hands… then she gives him what-for)!

We threw her a little birthday party with just some friends and neighbors here.  She ate some cake, had a little sugar high, and opened a few gifts.  It was a little busy but we were in good company with our closest friends here to bless us and celebrate with us.  She had a great time and we love her so much that sometimes it hurts a little.  It’s amazing how your kids’ll do that to you.  There are some days when I look at my life and think… when’s it gonna hit the fan?… because it can’t possibly stay this good… Life…        *sigh*         Then I wake up the next morning and have a sink full of dishes and 5 piles of laundry and not enough time to just sit in the Word of God and whiny kids and a million things I forgot to do while I was feeling God-breath in the breeze.  But, you know what… all those things are forgotten soon enough and the other stuff is the stuff that endures.

I love you and miss you.

The Epistolarian 


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