Sacrifices and Blessings…


Monday July 4th, 2011

Dearest Sister of my Heart,

Happy 4th of July!  I have to admit there are many holidays that carry traditions with them in the states that are a little anti-climactic here in Costa Rica and this is definitely one of them.  Obviously.  The fourth of July is not their Independence Day so we pass the day like any other here most years.  No fireworks, no picnic dinner on the public lawn or barbeque on red white and blue plates, just another day around here.

SO this year my neighbor (and closest girlfriend here) Michelle and I decided that we were gonna have a good ol’ bar-b-q… burgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, potato salad… you name it!  Everything has felt off around here for she and I in the last month or so, we’ve just not been on our game so to speak, so we wanted something that we consider “normal” to make us feel like ourselves.  “Normally”, we would watch some awesome fireworks and be surrounded by our closest family and friends while we eat and play together.  When I think about it though, if we were in the States we’d get to see a fireworks display on the 4th but we wouldn’t get to watch the entire Central Valley light up from our upstairs windows with ALL the fireworks displays at midnight on New Years (it’s really amazing)!… And one of the sacrifices God asked of us in coming here is that of our time and presence with those we love back home.  It’s difficult, especially on holidays, but we chose to obey and come, and that means He will provide for all we need.  While nobody can replace our family, God has given us another family in Christ here and we get to spend our 4th with them this time!  So, dearest, I pray that your day is fun and full and blessed today since I cannot see you and hug you and laugh with you, but I am also so greateful to my God for giving me the family I have here with which to celebrate, all of whom I love deeply!

What are your plans on this, our home country’s birthday?

Happy 4th, My Dear!

The Epistolarian


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