Hey, Baby, what’s your sign?

Saturday July 9th, 2011

Dear One,

The other day the Little Princess used a new sign!… We were given the Baby Signing Time videos and they are some of my kids’ favorites.  We taught Little Man signs when he was a baby too and he used many of them but we did not entirely know what we were doing nor did we always remember to reinforce them and use them.  It has been nice to have a fun video with songs and babies doing the signs to make it interesting and help to teach her (as well as entertain from time to time)!

signing "hurt"

So, it went like this: Miss Princess stepped on a toy and started wailing.  I asked her (using the sign) if she got hurt and where it was (also using the sign for where).  After the third time I asked, she signed “hurt” and pointed to her left toes over and over again with this sad, pathetic little look on her face like she had just discovered the medicine for her hurt and wanted it desperately.  Oh my gosh, it was just about one of the cutest most amazing things I have seen in a while because she wanted to commuicate that so badly that she worked it out in her head and made her hands do what she wanted.  And in return, she was given the best medicine that exists for boo-boos… a mommy kiss.

signing "more"

It never ceases to amaze me the way we WANT to communicate and be in communion, connected with one another.  Even at one, she wants to share the world around her with us and help us to see what she’s thinking, what she wants or needs.  The other day the kids and I were visiting an old friend here and decided to go outside and watch the kiddos play for a while.  While we sat and sipped our coffee, the Little Miss busied herself with climbing up and down the two steps on the front porch over and over again until she pooped out enough to just sit herself down on the bottom one and hang her head.  What caught her attention was a few long skinny petals of a yellow flower on the cement at her feet.  She studied them intently and after a minute, as if trying to define them, she began to sign “banana”.

We are MEANT to be in relationship, are we not?  We are created so perfectly to commune with, love, and share life with others around us that we are hard wired with the desire to communicate.  It’s just so stinkin’ hard sometimes!  But… I suppose it’s the difficult things that are almost always the most worth doing.

What have been your biggest communication snafoos or accomplishments?

Missing you!

The Epistolarian