Got Mojo?

Dear Blogging Fanatics (or maybe the not so fanatic bloggers),

I stray from my norm this morning to share with you specifically.  There are very few products that I like to “sell” to my friends.  I sell whomever I can on cloth diapers, Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil), organic and local foods, coming to Costa Rica for a visit…

Today, I’m not gonna “sell” you on anything because I don’t think that anyone should feel manipulated to buy something they don’t actually need or want.  However, if you DO blog and ARE interested in improving your blog then you might find this intriguing.  I did and will be implementing some of the tidbits I have learned over the next few months… hopefully.  I am relatively new to the blogging scene and sometimes it’s really great to have somebody who can help you think critically about what you’re doing and the way in which you’re putting it out there for the universe to see.  That is what Brian Allain tries to do in his book 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo.  If you appreciate sarcasm and some witt, I think you’ll enjoy it and I think it’ll help you along your blogging way.

Ok, here’s the ways you can find it… If you love your Kindle, check it out on Amazon.  If you prefer to read it as a PDF you can find it right there at the 31 Days To Mojo website.

Tidbits and tweaks to come…

Happy Blogging,

The Epistolarian