The Product of Impossibility

Thursday September 8th, 2011

It is impossible to cultivate organic tomatoes where we live.

Ok, well, maybe it’s not impossible but me and my very untalented green thumb have never been able to produce an edible one that was grown organically.  I don’t know if it’s the cooler temperatures some days, the ammount of rainfall half of the year and lack thereof the other half, the grubs/pests, or the state of our soil (which I always mix with good compost anyway), but for some reason organic tomatoes just don’t like us.  The really interesting thing is that our general area and province is known as the number one producer of tomatoes in Costa Rica.  Hmmmmm…  (I guess it tells us something about the elements used in growing said tomatoes.  Yeesh.)

Do you see the old man, or is it just me? (I also see a butt. That, however, is not nearly as poetic.)

About a week ago I was tossing our compost in the pile at the edge of our yard (no fancy shmancy contraptions here, just a big pile of vegetable scraps out in the corner) and I decided to see if there were any chayote growing from the plant that conquers our hedge various times a year.  Chayote are that squashy thing that looks on the bottom end like an old toothless man.

As I started lifting the giant leaves of the chayote vine to see what manner of harvest might be growing underneath I was extremely disappointed because there were no fruits to be seen.  I began to look more fervently and in disbelief because we usually end up eating chayote with everything around this time of year.  And that’s when I saw it.

Set before the back-drop of large, floppy chayote leaves was one lacy arm stretching out, reaching toward the sun and midway up that thin graceful arm… was a tomato.  

Now, I don’t know if that beautiful little green baby is a result of past compost ingredients or a bird who pooped in our bushes, but it shouldn’t have grown there in that dark, covered corner of our yard.  Wouldn’t it just figure that after three years of trying to cultivate a productive organic tomato plant, God decided to deliver the punch-line of his little joke.  

This is classic God, making the impossible, possible.  With grace, as a gift, and in his own time.  What is something impossible in your life right now?  A relationship, a baby, a job, a situation, a desire of your heart?  You may be right, it may be an impossibility, but there is only one person who can take impossibilities and make them happen and He LOVES to do it.  All we need to do is lay it at his feet and be patient.  If it is something that will lead us closer to Him, He may drop one of these beauties into our hands… 

Do you believe God could make possible your impossibilities?

Much Love,

The Epistolarian