God Bless the Gardeners!


Let me just say it, I CAN’T GARDEN.  I hope that someday when I am “older” and have all the time in the day to do what I would like, I am able to invest some of it in gardening because I am desperate to learn more and do it well… but for the time being, I suck.  I barely have the time to do the dishes and keep the pile of laundry from eating us in our sleep.  I feel a serious and deep-seated sense of pride and accomplishment when I get a delicious hot meal set in front of my family (because in spite of my impressively large “wishlist” of foods to try on Pinterest – which I am totally addicted to by the way – my culinary life right now is really quite lackluster).

So… I rely on the local “feria” or farmer’s market to supply me with yummy vegetables and allow our domestic shrubbery (or sorry excuse for landscaping) to frolic as it feels led.  Now in Costa Rica, shrubs have a proverbial calling on their life to frolic like NONE OTHER.  So, as nice and natural and lovely as that may sound, it pretty much means that our house slowly (or not so slowly in rainy season) gets sucked into a green void of leafery.

It was so bad recently that I could no longer see my kids out in the yard.  The light from the already darkened rainy days was loath to hack it’s way through the vail of verdent growth that threatened to consume us, reaching it’s leafy arms out to rest against our windows like a crowd of voyeurs.

The campus that our team here owns employs two gardeners.  Two wonderful, seasoned, hard working (especially for their age) men, one of which has been working the land on that property for over 22 years he told me one day.  “Anything growing here, I’ve planted.” he said with pride and a smile.  One of those blessed men came over to our house today.  Now, their timing was not necessarily the most convenient (6:15 am)… but he began to hack away at the excess of shrub and growth that was muckin’ up our light source.  He machete-ed and weed-wacked his way through our outter defenses and when he was done, this is what I could see:

Seeing so clearly out my dining room window and feeling the light of a slightly dryer day pour, once again, into our house (highlighting the enormous mess inside, of course) stopped me in my tracks, struck by the blindingly obvious.  What can’t I see right now because of the useless things I’ve let grow over my inner windows?  I complain because I feel like I can’t “see clearly” or “hear well” but have I checked the rampant shrubbery or removed the wool?  The honest answer is, nope.  *sigh*

Luckily, I have a Gardener who cares for that place as well.

What’s been encroaching upon your windows?

The Epistolarian.


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    • Oh thank you. I liked that particular part as well. I liked how it made me think of my space being invaded or violated (voyeurs) which leads into my own inner issues. *smirk* Thanks for the visit!

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