Five Minute Friday – Remember


“For fun, for love of the sound of words, for play, for delight, for joy and celebration of the art of communication…  For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.” – The Gypsy Mama

Remember the drill?  Five minutes only on… REMEMBER.

Remember.  Remember to breathe.  Not just the air but the very presence of God.  Remember breath prayer.  In… My Lord and my God… Out… Teach me to pray…

Remember that prayer is not just kneeling by your bed, talking.  Remember that God gave us emotions and energy and wearyness and abilities and duties.  So remember to do them all with Him, because that is all He wants.  Pray your laundry and dirty dishes.  Pray your sadness when you feel left out.  Pray your talents at design or business or the work of your hands.  Pray your imagined game with your kiddo as you hide out in the blanket fort.  

Remember from whom your identity originates and that it’s not your boss, your kids, your friends, that kid’s mom who thinks you’re failing as a parent, or even your husband.  Remember to live from there.  Remember you are loved, sheltered and protected.

Remember these things because they are easy to forget.

Remember to breathe.  In… Out…

And that’s 5. 

See you soon!

The Epistolarian


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  1. I’m so thankful for that breath that God gives us … and linking it to be a reminder of praying ALWAYS in ALL things is a great idea. In … thank you, God! Out … thank you, God!!

  2. I love the way you reminded us! And I agree that we need to remember that our identity originates with the Lord. It is through Him that I live and have my being.

    Bless you!

    • Thanks Beth! That is something I need a daily reminder of in my world here. Not me, Him. Not my husband, Him. Not my kids or the things I do or the number of followers on my blog or the people who compliment me… Him.

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