Five Minute Friday – Open

Merry Christmas!

(I know I’m a few days late here but we’ve had an awesome holiday and I have had no desire whatsoever to spend much time online at all, hope nobody is offended.)

The last Five Minute Friday of the year is a beautiful word…


Anticipation is my friend.  Another friend of mine has a son who cannot abide anticipation.  In fact, he is such an enemy of anticipation that he would open all presents, Christmas, birthday or otherwise, the moment he discovered them if the opportunity were there for the taking. I cannot relate to this.  To me, as I told this friend, this is tantamount to popping a ballon as you blow it up.  What’s the point?

Opening can be fun in and of itself, but it’s the anticipation, the wondering, the waiting, the imagining that makes opening something magical.  It’s the slightly increased heart rate, the beauty of surprise, the finally… that’s what does it for me.  A friend can click into your life very easily when you first meet but it is only with time and waiting and usually some delicious sacrifice that you get to see that person open their inner being to you.  There are always new doors to open in life but they don’t all come at once.  Not all who wander are lost.  Sometimes the value of the destination depends upon the duration of the path. Wait… and see what there is to open.

Take a moment... play as you go... and admire the beauty of what sits before you waiting to be opened.


What about you?  Are you an anticipator?

What new doors await your arrival to open in 2012?

Happy New Year!


The Epistolarian

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Open

  1. i, too, love the anticipation! and it is so true – friendships are like those gifts wrapped within many delightfully wrapped boxes. I so appreciated your take on the word “open” relating it back to Christmas and gifts instead of looking through the door into the New Year. beautiful!

    1. That’s very sweet of you. I happen to be stuck in the post Christmas glow still… I love Jesus… and gifts. It was uber fun to give fun things to my kids this year (since the 5 yr. old is now old enough to really experience anticipation) and watch them “look forward” to the celebration too!

  2. I love when the universe whispers to my spirit. I was considering what word most captures my wish for the coming year. (See Ali Edwards blog subject One Little Word). Open seemed to pull at my heartstrings. Open to possibility, forgiveness, change, trying, doing, receiving… Then I read your words and Open seemed to wink at me from between the lines of a separate sharing.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well! The word that most captures my wish for the coming year is Love. We have decided to focus our year on loving well… then having fun. To love well strikes me as a lofty goal. May I strive to achieve it.

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