True Grit

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Friday again and on fridays we pick up our skirts, jump in the mud and start mucking around… five minutes, unedited, and today it’s on:


Monday I dyed my hair.  I have been blonde again for a while now and for various reasons decided to go back to my normal hair color which, lets face it, is a shade of “dead” that is not really a flattering hue.  I would call it a dark ashy blonde… neither really blonde nor brown but just… dead… and almost a multi-hued grey.  Well, being a missionary on a budget and not being able to STAND the idea of spending the same ammount on my hair as I would on a week’s worth of groceries, I picked up a quick at-home box (which I have done many times before… it’s how I got the blonde in the first place) and waited for an evening after the baby was in bed.

I knew I was in trouble when, before I had the chance to see myself in the mirror, my five year old said, “Mommy, you look funny with black hair.”  I calmed my heart beat and reassured myself that “he’s five, don’t rely on his color judgement to jump to panicky conclusions”…

…turns out his judgement is pretty much spot on.

My hair was black on the ends, deep deep brown in the main body and had streaks of silvery blonde highlights on the left side of my head (which for some reason hadn’t taken the color or hadn’t gotten covered enough with the solution).  I freaked.  My poor husband came home that night to a blubbering basket case.

…and then my hairdryer caught on fire.

I have since calmed down and come back to my normal senses enough to say, “it’s just hair” and quite honestly, I’ve gotten a slew of compliments on it (as it has now faded a bit to a more or less even dark brown with highlights).  The thing is, appearance is what the  world sees but it’s the grit that we are made of that matters.  The grit is what God sees (and a few select individuals).  I like to have an appearance that fits the grit inside but it’s the grit inside that defines me, reminds me who has named me, and pushes me on when I want to wither.  God loves my true grit.

(Oops, 7 minutes… sorry, totally lost track.)


Ever had a disaster akin to mine?

… pictures to follow.