Five Minute Friday – Delight

Dearest Faithful Friends,

Most fridays (in the past) I have taken part in Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday event over at The Gypsy Mama.  It’s been a while but I am joining up again today and, in spite of interruptions and rediculousness in my household today, tapping out five minutes of unedited writing on her prompt for the week which happens to be…


My grandfather is a man of delight.  He delights in many things.  He writes, he gardens, he tells stories.  And he calls things delightful all the time.

As a child, he would walk with me, laughing, and let me sneak cherry tomatoes off his plants pretending he didn’t see me.  Now I can genuinely appreciate his affinity for delight.  Some people have the ability to see the essence of something and then put it into words.  I recently read a small book of his poetry and suddenly was able to see my Grandmother the way he does.  It was astounding.  It was delightful.

There are fewer and fewer specific memories stored away in my brain and more and more feelings and impressions that make up my past.  I remember my grandpa always going to great lengths to get you what you needed or wanted, like if it was cold out and I had no hat then he would dive into the closet by the door and surface with about five different hats to choose from.  Or if I wanted something to drink at happy hour in their house (martinis at 5) then he would whip up some kitty cocktail or other that I might feel included.  But most of all, what think of when I think of my Grandfather is a feeling of peace, quiet, contemplation, love, and understated “genuinity.”  Someone who finds life delightful.


Who in your life knows how to delight in that which surrounds him/her?

Your long lost friend,

The Epistolarian