Infinite options exist now to bring us together.  We “pin”… we “post”… we “facebook”… we “text”… we “tweet”… we “PM”… we email… and once in a while we call… and then every so often we stop by and visit (but not without posting, facebooking, texting, tweeting, or PMing first).

Something I adore about my life is that, in spite of being far from my family and my old friends, I live hand in hand and walk in companionship with some wonderful souls.  They are my family now.  I know what is happening with them and they know what is happening with me.  We pray for eachother without intending to… just in our way of life, because they are inseparable parts of my every day.  We are Together.  In purpose, in love, in Spirit and in life.  I never facebook them or tweet them, rather I turn to them and rely upon them on a daily basis.  And they know my ugliness and mess because we are together.  And they love me anyway, as I do them.

The Brotherhood of Togetherness

Who is Together with you?

The Epistolarian

Some Fridays I link up with The Gypsy Mama…  We write for 5 minutes flat and then post it.  Whether it’s pretty or not.  (But I usually hope it’s pretty… or at least not super ugly.)

6 thoughts on “Togetherness

    1. I get so much wisdom out of your posts. Non-Christians wouldn’t know why (they just think we’re so very wise) but there’s so much God-Stuff in them. How I regret not having God in my life when raising my two oldest children. I cling to the fact that He works ALL things together for good, but I was a HORRIBLE mother. I’ve learned from this, have actually used this fact with my son & daughter (son, not a Christian yet, but close) (daughter a Christian, praise God!)
      Thank you for sharing the link from “The Maternal Lens.” What she has to say there is a perfect response to what was revealed in the movie BULLY. Do you get American movies in C.R?

      1. Thank you, Diane, that’s very sweet of you. I think that there are a lot of non-christians out there who are pretty wise as well. Sometimes we forget that it’s not about our “label” or about what we think WE are, but who we love. The important thing is loving Jesus more than any other thing or person in your world… and the primary way we demonstrate love to Him is obedience. That ends up looking like foolishness sometimes (especially in the eyes of society) but will always result in wisdom. Thanks so much for reading and loving Jesus so much!

  1. I feel the same way. And so many options for that word together when we think about the vastness of relationships He gives us. Thankful for each and every one. So nice to visit with you through FMF. Have a great weekend.

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