We are not the only ones making disciples…


Dearest Sister of my Heart,

The more I learn about my kids, the more I am amazed.  They are capable of so much!  At one year, Evie can understand most of what we say to her and respond accordingly either with signs or her actions (not that she always does but she can).  At nearly five (as we are only a few days away from the big five-year birthday) John just championed our travel day back to Costa Rica by entertaining himself on the planes for some six-ish hours or so and caring for his sister when Mommy’s hands were filled to overflowing with travel paraphernalia.

One thing that I love to watch is the way that Evie looks up to her big brother and wants to be and do everything that he is able to.  She watches him, copies him, follows him and, much to his dismay some days, tries to play with or do everything he does.  As much as John watched, copied and saw us as his models as a toddler, I think Evie does the same with him.

When I see this, I see a natural model of discipleship.  It happens whether we mean for it to or not.  Our kids learn their ways from us.  So who’s ways are we teaching?  Our kids form similar habits to us.  So what habits do we allow to rule our life?  Added to that, our kids learn from the ways and habits of their older siblings and others who love them, which means those influences are compounded and multiplied in the younger ones because they have not only us parents but our other little disciples as well to follow after.  

Formative discipleship is a natural result of family.  The question is, what kind of discipleship is it?  Of whom?  To what end?  I pray every day that my kids see Jesus in me so that as they follow they are becoming not little Carolines but little Jesus’.  

I know you guys don’t have kiddos yet but you will soon. *Smile.*  So these are just my thoughts from this morning. 

Love you,

The Epistolarian